Acupuncture For Poway and Ramona

Kelly McConville, L.Ac.


Our goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable and positive therapeutic experience. We specialize in helping your body naturally reduce pain, and improve function, balance and  energy.  We provide lasting relief for a variety of health conditions, including: chronic pain (back, neck, shoulder, head), female disorders, internal medicine issues, and pediatrics.  We have proven experience using different therapies for effectively treating patients of all ages.



Our staff is fully trained and well qualified in successfully utilizing different methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to naturally restore your health. We offer a broad array of techniques including: acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping, moxibustion, shoni-shen and Tui Na massage, as well as gentle techniques for children. We also have non-needle therapies.  We only use sterile, disposable needles for complete patient safety. We’ve been serving the areas of Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo and North San Diego since 1996.

With over 3,000 years of empirical use, acupuncture is one of the most effective forms of traditional alternative therapy used today. As public awareness of TCM grows, it is gaining acceptance as an important and powerful healthcare alternative with lasting results.  No other health system can offer you the benefits of pain relief, health, wellness and longevity, as well as offering a natural alternative to conventional  pharmaceutical drugs.

Your health is precious.  Let us help you reach your health goals so that you can focus on having a better, easier and happier life.  Try acupuncture today!

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day, October 24, 2018. Help spread the word.