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Good Circulation Equals Good Health

Good health is all about promoting the circulation of oxygen and blood.  What does this mean?  Our bodies were  designed to stay healthy to handle the daily rigors of living.  The body has its own feedback mechanisms to restore itself to health, when able.  The body also has its own regulating substances (hormones, painkillers, anti-inflammatories) to keep the body in good health. When the circulation of these substances is limited, then the body cannot transport what it needs to heal and repair the body.  I tell my patients it is like stepping on a garden hose and the garden, without water, will soon wither away.  Limited circulation in the body will adversely impact our ability to stay healthy.

Chinese Medicine is not magic, it is just one method to activate the body to regulate itself and promote circulation.  We do this through the use of needling highly concentrated nerve areas on the body (acupuncture points), using heat, stretching, shoni-shin (light scratching), or herbal formulas.  An alternative way to promote circulation is through exercise – that is why daily exercise is so important.

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