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People think of “Qi” as an invisible mystery energy. I believe this was a mis-translation, as the symbol for qi means rice vapor, which can be thought of as oxygen. This is the physical aspect of Qi and relates to our levels of oxygen or energy in the body. On a mental aspect, we also have Qi, which is our thoughts, interests and mental beliefs.

How can we control stress, by protecting our mental Qi? For example, if someone illegally detained us in jail, we would shout out loud at the injustice. However if someone or something does this with our mental Qi, by absorbing our thoughts and inducing stress, we just try to bear it silently. Over time, studies show this is very harmful for our health.

Think about those things that you have no control over, try to let them go so that they do not absorb your mental Qi – they do not clutter your mind. This way you can use your mental energies for those things that you can control and hopefully live a more peaceful life. Remember, life is full of stress. You cannot control the stress, but you can control your reaction to it.

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